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LUNI (LEGO Universe Newly Imagined, previously an acronym for LEGO Universe or Leggendary Universe Nations Iperspace) is a not-for-profit effort by fans creating a server emulator for the MMOG LEGO Universe, written in C++ utilizing RakNet and MySQL, as well as other tools for the web-based management interface.

LEGO Universe, a game developed by NetDevil in partnership with The LEGO Group and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, launched on October 26th, 2010, and closed on January 30, 2012, with news of the closure coming a few months earlier. At this point, users actively looked for possibilities for the game to be preserved. Eventually, the LUNI Server Project was formed, and later was granted limited permission (view e-mail) from The LEGO Group to continue the project.

Around August 2013, a large scale disagreement started, focused around the re-hosting of the LUNI Server software. This caused a severe split in the community (most notably among the developers, many of whom decided to work on further development privately). This persisted until the middle of 2015, when in early June a series of agreements and understandings caused the LUNI Server Project to be re-understood, re-represented, and relaunched in a way where development would be much easier and a community could be effectively formed.

How can you help?

  • Register

    Register to be able to post and to help other people in the forums. This makes you a part of the LUNI community; without a community, LUNI would die.

  • Torrent

    Use a torrent client like qBittorrent to download large files, like the client. This eliminates problems with corruption, and it takes some of the strain off of our servers.

  • Translate

    If you know English and another language, please help us by translating the LUNI documentation, so other people can read the documentation in their own language.

  • Develop

    If you can program (in C++) or if you want to learn how to, you can help by developing LUNI further. This type of skill directly helps us to bring back LEGO Universe.

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